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The Top Five Ski Resorts

The Top Five Ski Resorts

If you are planning to take a ski trip this winter, you may be wondering where you should go. There are so many great ski resorts out there to select from, but if you want the best of the best you need to rest reading this article. The top ranked ski resort is in British Columbia called the Apex Mountain Resort. The get more than 200 inches of uncontrolled snow each year and offer bounteous than 60 ski slopes.

Most people like Apex Mountain Resort in that they offer a wide variety of slopes based on skill level. Approximately Ĺ of their slopes are for intermediate skiers and they hold more for advanced skiers than most various ski resorts. It is also a very affordable ski resort with plenty of activities to do in the evening.

In the state of New Hampshire you will find Bretton Woods which is a wonderful ski resort as well. They have more than 100 slopes and 9 ski lifts so you wonít be left waiting in line to get to the top of the mountains. The get approximately 200 inches of snow each year and offer plenty of options for cross country skiing and snowboarding.

While Bretton Woods only offers about 20 slopes for skilful skiers, many of them are said to be the very best in the globe. One in particular called Bodeís Run is definitely worth the challenge for any expert skiers that are able to tackle what ever they come across.

Colorado is well known as one of the top ski locations, and you wonít be disappointed with Copper Mountain. It has plenty to offer with 125 ski slopes and 22 ski lifts. Experienced is plenty of variety of beginners including quality lessons for adults and children, intermediate slopes, advanced, and expert. They are also unparalleled of the few ski resorts to offer an all day childcare facility so you can take on the slopes and not worry about your children.

Okemo is found in Ludlow, Vermont and offers a complete ski resort that is perfect for the entire family to enjoy. This is a smaller size ski resort but one that offers plenty of prettiness and beauty for everyone to enjoy. They have one of the best snowboarding parts in the entire world so many humans come to Okemo just to experience the thrills of snowboarding that they canít find elsewhere.

Sugarloaf in Maine is among the smallest ski resorts out there but it also is located at the second highest peak in all of Maine. They also offer a great place for people to hike with snowshoes if they just arenít interested in skiing down the slopes. While they only offer 40 slopes, all of them are very racy, even those that are designed for beginners.

Of course when you are looking for the right ski resort to visit, there are plenty of things to consider besides the overall ranking. Take a look at how far you will need to travel to get to the ski resort. Find out the cost of lodging there and ski packages so you guilt make sure it will fit into your budget. Figure out how you will get there as some ski resorts are high in the mountains and the road conditions arenít always the best.

You also need to make categorical that particular ski resort offers the activities you want to participate in. While all of them offer ski slopes not all ski resorts have ski jumping or snowboarding options. If you are interested in these types of activities then you need to make sure the ski resort you visit offers them.

There are plenty of incomparable ski resorts for you to enjoy. Go online to see what all your options are as well as the primo deals. This way you can find one that offers something for all the skiers in your party and it will be affordable.


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