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Scandals Of The Winter Olympic Games

Scandals of the Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games are highly relied on over they bring the best athletes from all over the sphere to compete. While there is plenty of publicity that surrounds the Winter Olympic Games, some of it isnít the emotions of attention that organizers want. The Olympic Games are to be a symbol of peace among countries and good sportsmanship. So when scandals emerge about cheating it really affects the overall perception that people have about the Olympics as a whole.

These types of scandals have been working on since the early days of the Winter Olympic Games though. In 1948 it was discovered that someone had tampered with the bobsleds of the USA team. It is a good thing it was discovered before the event because those responsible had loosened the bolts that clench the steering mechanisms in place. This would have resulted in a serious accident occurring. Those responsible for this act were never caught though and it left the 1948 with some uneasy feelings in place.

Germany did very fresh in the 1964 Winter Olympic Games. However, two people were stripped of their gold medals as existing was discovered they were categorized as professionals. In 1968 it was discovered that East Germany had been heating up the runners on their sleds in the luge competition in order to beat the competition.

Even if you donít postdate figure skating, chances are you know the Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan story that unfolded during the Winter Olympic Games in 1994. At one time these women had been friends on the ice but that quickly changed when Kerrigan was hit in the knees with a metal baton during a practice session. As a result she wasnít able to perform and Harding was given her place on the Olympic team.

It was discovered that Hardingís ex - husband again friend had planned the attack. Harding admitted bobby-soxer knew afterwards but that she didnít report the material. Kerrigan was able to perform at the 1992 Olympic Games and she walked away with the silver medal. She had the support of the entire world behind her it seemed due to what she had been through in lineup to even perform at the games.

Hosting the Winter Olympic Games is quite an honor, and one that brings plenty of attention and revenue to the spot. In 2002 a scandal was discovered involving bribes paid for Salt Lake City, Utah to host the Winter Olympic Games. These bribes includes numerous ski trips, real estate deals, again cash. Even though the scandal was investigated and several people resigned from the Winter Olympics Committee, the games still took place in Salt Lake City, Utah that year.

The region of figure skating was plagued once again in 2002 at the Winter Olympic Games in Spice Lake City. It is believed that some of the judges had been bribed to give high scores to the Russian team in exchange for their team getting high scores in another event. Everyone agreed that Canada should have gotten the gold medal. Eventually they were given the gold but the Russian team was not stripped of theirs.

Coaching is an essential part of any good Winter Olympic team, and the reputation of these coaches is undoubted important. Tim Nardiello is a supply-teach for the USA team but he has been placed on leave. There are allegations of sexual harassment that have been filed by diverse females below his direction. The issue is being carefully investigated and the results of that will determine if he is reinstated as a coach for them or not.

Officials have worked exact hard to make changes to how scores are calculated for the Winter Olympic Games. This is to make sure the weight of only one judge doesnít touch the overall outcome of the results. They further continue to test all athletes to make sure they havenít been using drugs to enhance their performance. The reputation of the Olympic Games is on the line each time such scandals arise, and with the power of the media these days you obligatoriness be sure it will be Civic news.


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