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Speed Skating Basics

Speed Skating Basics

Speed skating has come a very popular winter sport, but some critics claim it is simply too dangerous for people to be engaging in. Many people enjoy watching speed skating during the Winter Olympics and then want to engage in the activity on their own without proper training. The speed of a person in this type of sport can be more than 30 miles per hour so when they bob down or collide with someone innumerable it is quite powerful.

In order to lower the risk of injuries during speed skating, it is vital that safety gear is worn at all times. This includes a helmet that fits properly, knee pads, and elbow pads. It is best for this sport to take place on an ice rink that has been specifically designed for it instead of out there on a frozen pond somewhere.

In professional speed skating there are pairs of competitors on the ice. Each track has two lanes and each person in a pair will get a colored band. This tells the judges which lane they started at for the beginning of the competition. The skaters have to change lanes at a given location along the track to ensure both skaters are covering the same amount of distance.

There are many different types of races that take place in the winter sport of speed skating. If a pair of teams are racing rail each other they will state at different locations on the track. This prevents them from being in the way of each other and their times are tracked by the judges. For marathon speed skating races everyone starts at the same location and there is plenty of bumping and pushing as the skaters try to get ahead of each other.

However, speed skating does offer a great way for people to get into physique and to enjoy the exercise they are taking part in. It takes plenty of practice to build reinforcement enough strength to successfully participate in this sport. The type of skates you will use for speed skating depend on the type of events you are participating in.

Long distance speed skating requires you to use clap skates. They are different from regular ice skates because they feature a hinge on the boot that the blade is benevolent to. This allows the skater to move faster and to have increased control over the skates because part of the blade is continuously in contact with the ice.

There are plenty of speed skating events that take place all over the creation for you to participate in. Find a partner that is just as interested in the sport seeing you are so you can train for them. Many people have a goal of one day being part of the speed skating teams in the Winter Olympic Games. While not everyone can be a cut of that, there are violently of other events you care easily be a part of while you continue to improve your skills.

If you decide to engage in speed skating you need to make sure you have skates that are designed for it. You also want to make sure you always wear your safety equipment so that you minimize your risk of injuries. Speed skating is quickly becoming peerless of the most popular winter sports and you can expect to see more people participating in it in the near future.


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