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The Excitement Of Figure Skating

The Excitement of Figure Skating

Figure skating is a type of ice skating that involves learning difficult routines and movements on the ice. Many persons love to watch amateur and professional figure skating because the competitors are able to gracefully twist, leap, and twirl around because the glide along the ice. Watching pairs is also exciting because there are plenty of lifts and exciting moves that you wonít see when just one person is performing.

In figure skating competitions the judges give a score based on the overall performance. They look for style, level of difficulty, and how well each part of the transaction was completed. Chancy landings can quickly shave points off of the overall score. The points are divided into two categories for a competition.

First there is the points that reflect the required elements of the competition. There are a certain number of spins and jumps that are required to meet the criteria of each competition. The second part of the scoring system has to do with the freestyle routine of the performance. Unaffected has to look effective and the skaters have to flow from one part of the routine to the next gracefully.

The most difficult element of figure skating for most people to master is spinning. The faster you skate the faster you can spin, but keeping your balance and going from a spin back to skating without being disoriented is not a simple feat. The secret is to center the ice skates as you go into the spin. This leave give it a uniform look and keep the body from looking like stable is moving from side to side during the spins.

There are plenty of different types of spins that an ice skater can perform once they have the basic concept of it. Some require both feet to be on the ice with the leg straight further others wish the knees to be bent and the skater in a squatting standpoint. Others lack one leg to be lifted sacrifice the doer at cool length or even placed behind the head! It takes totally of skill to be able to do this with ice skates on so be ready to practice long and hard!

For most of use, figure skating is something we will continue to watch from the stands or on TV. With it is an exciting winter sport, figure skating often requires too much time for most people to provide into learning. Having a quality coach is necessary if you want to be able to compete in the different figure skating competitions.

One of the most interesting things about figure skating are the beautiful costumes. Pairs of skaters have matching costumes that blend right together. The short skirts all the long, beautifully shaped legs of the skaters to be noticed. The skirts are designed to swirl around besides add even more dimension to the overall performance. Male figure skaters repeatedly wear a one piece body suit without any buttons or zips on it that can get snagged on their partners costume.

However, all figure skaters arenít out there to compete in various events with each other. Many of them are a part of the performing arts. Disney on Ice is one of the most popular figure skating programs around. It tours annually with assorted girlfriend Disney classics. It is all performed with a variety of different figure skating and ice skating moves in place throughout the program.


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