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Hosting The Winter Olympic Games

Hosting the Winter Olympic Games

Hosting the Winter Olympic Games is something that is tremendous honor, but there is quite an investment that has to take stead on the behalf of the hotelkeeper city. This is why Denver, Colorado declined to host the 1976 Winter Olympic Games. The voters of the city decided not to approve a $5 million bond in order to pay for updates, improvements, and promotions for the Winter Olympic Games.

Yet the initial setup for recipient read to host the Winter Olympic Games is something that many areas are avid to do. The amount of revenue they reap during the Olympic Games as well as after that due to the publicity for their city more than pays for the initial cost to get ready for the event. A large portion of the money they earn comes from the television rights to air the Olympic events from their city.

Those cities that want to host the Winter Olympic Games have to place a bid for honest. The committee will then retrospect each bid again narrow the options down to three or four. From there a full evaluation of the city will be conducted in order to determine where the best possible location will be.

It is very common for cities that want to host the Winter Olympic Games to submit a bid each time they are open until they are awarded the honor of hosting the event. If they arenít accepted because they donít have the facilities to successfully host the games then they continue working on constructing them and having them in place before the next bidding session.

Allowing the Winter Olympic Games to take place in various locations around the creation offers more of a universal theme to the impression of the Olympic Games. Since live doesnít always take place in the same country de facto doesnít seem to belong to any one of them but to all of them collectively. It is a great experience though to have the Winter Olympic Games hosted close to where you live. This allows you to go to many of the events and see them live rather than just on TV.

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Vancouver, Canada. This will effect the third time that Canada has had the honor of hosting the Olympics and the second rivalry for the Winter Olympic Games. It is estimated that it will cost Canada approximately $1. 4 billion to host this go. $200 million of this converse will be directly spent on security measures for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Processing is already underway for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games as well which will be held in Sochi, Russia. This is an amazing feat when you consider only 20 years ago Russia was explicit to be a very reclusive and different form of government than others around the world.

Yet Russia has plenty to do before the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. More than $580 million will be spent on construction, to lay more than 2, 000 miles of fiber optics for telecast, and building four hydropower stations in order to ensure ace is sufficient electricity for the event. Expansions of the railway and many-sided airports is also chunk of the construction mode to ensure they can handle the capacity of people coming in for the event.


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